Traffic Control Contracts for Construction Zones Various Locations, Indiana


Under two separate contracts, AGM is currently providing traffic control services to United Water and to Indiana Reclamation and Excavation. Our traffic control specialists are on site working on behalf of these organizations to keep their construction staff safe at all times. As their crews make repairs to underground utilities and roadways, AGM has their back and protects them during risky construction activities. Our uniformed police offers in marked patrol vehicles direct vehicular and pedestrian traffic safely through these work areas. AGM also provided traffic control services on a project for the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT). Working as a subcontractor, our traffic control specialists were responsible for setting up and removing barricades, traffic cones, and electronic construction signs along I-69 in Allen County, Indiana. With AGM's traffic control services, the construction crews working on this roadway were able to safely and efficiently perform their job without incident. 

Multi-Year Contract

Uniformed Traffic Officers 

Traffic Barricades

Marked Patrol Vehicles

Electronic Construction Signs

Traffic Cones