Circle City Security Contract, Special Events Indianapolis, Indiana


Under this annual contract, AGM keeps all parties safe and protected during various large events within the city of Indianapolis. With up to 200,000 attendees at any one events, this contract is high risk, with the potential for robberies, gun-fire, accidents, fires, irate customers, and vandalized vehicles. AGM safeguards these events with one site supervisor and 30 armed guards, primarily covering the Indiana Convention Center and related grounds. Our security services protect the main gate and loading docks and include roving patrols, access control, visitor processing and screening, traffic control, and crowd control. Our guards are armed with Glock 22 .40 caliber guns, Class-A uniform duty belt (weapon, baton, taser, and OC spray) and Type IIA body armor, radio equipment, uniforms, and vehicle. 

High-Risk/Complex Contract

Armed Security Guards

Multiple Security Posts

.40 Caliber Guns

Class-A Uniform Duty Belts

Quality Control Plan Implemented

Roving Patrols

Visitor Processing & Screenin