Charter School Resource Officer Contract

Indianapolis, Indiana


AGM is providing school resource officers to better protect various charter schools throughout the Indianapolis area. Our officers are certified by the National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO). They act as on-site law enforcement and provide a variety of police services across all school grounds and other surrounding areas. Our school resource officers investigate allegations of criminal activity, enforce state and local laws, and work collaboratively with juvenile authorities and other governmental agencies.


Through this contract, AGM is more than just security; we help to support the overall mission of safer schools and safer kids. Our approach to school-based security follows the three main “pillars” of NASRO’s School Resource Officer (SRO) program: Teacher, Counselor, and Law Enforcement Officer. Our officers are implementing various programs and inspection techniques that proactively help to prevent juvenile delinquency. By maintaining positive relationships with students and nurturing close partnerships with school administrators, AGM is able to offer a safer learning environment for young students in the Indianapolis community.

Certified School Resource Officers

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Armed Officers

Crime Prevention Programs

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