AutoReturn of Indiana Security Contract,

Vehicle Impound Yard

Indianapolis, Indiana


AGM is providing armed security guard services, including gate guards and roving patrol officers, for this vehicle impound yard. The five-year contract covers the entire impound facility and grounds, totaling more than 12 acres. Our security guards diminish volatile situations, oversee monetary transactions between clerks and customers, protect property and life, secure the perimeter of the facility through roving patrols, and implement and enforce the routine personnel identification and control system. With AGM’s security presence, this vehicle impound yard is not only able to conduct business with limited disruptions, but the patrons, employees, and vehicles are also protected 24 hours/day.

Armed Security Guards

Multi-Year Contract

24 Hour/Day Security Presence

Multiple Security Posts

.40 Caliber Guns

Class-A Uniform Duty Belts

Quality Control Plan Implemented

Ongoing Guard Training